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Carpet Masters of Kansas in Junction City, KS is the leading provider of commercial carpet cleaning, duct cleaning and flood restoration services in Kansas. Trust our expertise in tile and grout cleaning services and let us help you in getting all the upholstered furniture cleaned. Maintain a clean environment at your business or school with our certified carpet cleaning services. Remember immaculate surroundings boost productivity. We will assist you to maintain an environment that is healthy for your employees.

We Provide Services to:

Apartment Buildings

All apartment buildings experience tenant turnover and many times building managers are left with a mess. You certainly can’t show an unclean apartment to prospective tenants. Carpet Masters of Kansas will bring your carpeted and tiled rooms back to excellent condition. Nothing can turn a potential renter off like dirty grout. We will make it shine like new. Our professionals will also thoroughly clean your duct work.

Business Buildings

If you run a business, you know that employees can be messy at times. Whether its coffee stains on the carpet or tracking in dirt from outside, buildings need regular cleaning. If you meet with clients at your place of business, you definitely want it to look its cleanest at all times. Carpet Masters of Kansas will get your carpets, tile, grout and ducts clean for a more pleasant and healthier work environment.


As the saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Your place of worship is sacred and needs to be well cared for and clean. Your congregation deserves a sanitary place to pray. Carpet Masters of Kansas can ensure that your church is clean from carpets and tiles to air ducts.


No paying customer stays in a dirty hotel twice. Stains on the carpets or mildew on the grout in the bathrooms is completely unacceptable. Let Carpet Masters of Kansas help you make a great impression on guests from the moment they step into your lobby. We will clean your carpets, tile, grout and ducts.

Real Estate Professionals

Are you a Real Estate Professional looking for a carpet cleaning company that will best suite your needs and guarantee quality looking homes for show? Then you have come to the right place. Carpet Masters of Kansas has an exceptional program just for you!

Our Carpet Cleaning for Real Estate Professionals program is designed to provide superior carpet cleaning services to real estate professionals by allowing for not only the initial carpet clean, but also a spiff of the carpets after three months of being on the market and every three months after that. Additionally, if a buyer would like the carpets cleaned prior to move in, we will do a final carpet clean at no additional cost to the buyer or the agent.

To become involved in this program all you have to do is notify us you would like the house to be in this program. Give us a call and we will give you a quote for each individual home.


All Restaurant Managers know that a key factor to success is presentation and cleanliness of the restaurant. As soon as a guest walks into your building, judgments are being made. Managers and employees spend countless hours inside their restaurant and tend to be blinded by their perception of the appearance of their building.

For instance, there might be build up on the tile right inside the front entry door. Employees can get used to the fact that it is there and not bother with it. Guests, however, will pick up on that right away. Their perception of your restaurant starts at the front door. Another area that patrons pay special attention to is the bathrooms. Every server, cook and bus boy knows what the deck brush is used for and they dread having to use it. It is especially taxing when there is a lot of buildup in grout lines and around edges of walls and entryways.

If you have carpet in your restaurant, it is more than likely showing a lot of wear in high traffic areas. Grease from the kitchen gets stuck to the bottom of the server’s shoes and transports onto the carpet. In most restaurants, patrons have some time to inspect their environment. If the carpets are dirty, the guest will notice. If you have TVs that guests have to look up at, more than likely they will see duct work and air vents. If the duct work and vents are dirty what does that say about the restaurant. When we combine all three of these issues, tile, carpet, and duct work, we have to understand the guest’s perception. If all of these areas are dirty or not superb what does that guest think the kitchen looks like. This is very important because this is where you are going to prepare the meal they are about to ingest. Some guests may be disinclined to purchase anything from the restaurant if the appearance is not clean.

The solution to your problem is simple. Call Carpet Masters of Kansas 785-226-7787. Our highly trained and certified technicians will come out and give an estimate on your areas of concern. Setting up a monthly cleaning schedule for carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and air duct cleaning will save you valuable time and money and will get your restaurant looking great. Daily maintenance on the carpets and tile will never go away, but it makes it a lot easier when you can have that deep clean once a month to keep up on appearance. This allows more time for you to focus on everything else, like customer service and training.

Water Mitigation

It is opening time at the restaurant. You walk in the morning to start setting up for the day. You walk around the corner and your shoes fill up with water. The dining room is flooded and you open in three hours! It turns out the water supply line to the ice maker is broken and was spraying water out all night filling up the restaurant with water. No problem. Call Carpet Masters of Kansas. We are certified in water mitigation and restoration and have 24/7 emergency response. We also can work directly with the insurance company to get your business back up and running in no time. Call us today!


A clean school is a healthy school. Carpet Masters of Kansas will take care of your school’s carpeted areas as well as tiled hallways, classrooms and restrooms. We also provide professional duct cleaning to keep the air your students and teachers breathe fresh. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance to prevent the spread of germs throughout your school. Our services are available to all types of schools including preschools, elementary schools, high schools and colleges.

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